WOD: 9-16-12

Skill:  Skin the Cat

WOD:  3 x 5 min AMRAP of:

500M Row


Story time…

My brother is the medic in his Army team and he has this book about field medicine.  While browsing the various topics covered within its pages, I came across what you should be doing when you are hunting an animal and planning on eating it.  When skinning the animal, you cannot cut the skin off with a knife (for reasons that I am sure are valid).  Instead, the skin of the carcass has to be peeled by hand all the way through in order to do it properly.  Stories are the best.

So your skill today is “Skin the Cat”, which has nothing to do with the above or cats in anyway (I am just really good at seg-ways).  This is a gymnastic movement that happens on the rings (though it can still be done at the bar) and it includes flipping one way and then flipping back.  Like all good gymnastic movements, the straighter your arms and legs remain, the more difficult this will be.  Rowing is a sport.

Let’s talk about the WOD now (see?!).  You are going to do a 500M Row and if it takes you 1:30 to perform, guess what!, you have an all expenses-paid Burpee vacation that will last 3:30.  The score for the workout is not the time in the rows, but instead the number of Burpees you can do.  You are looking at about 90 Burpees to beat Coach Justin and Coach Josh.  So doing 150 should be no problem.

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